9 Best Effects Of Bitter Kola For The Human Body

The impressive advantages of different plants and herbs can really improve your health and overall life. Many believe that bitter kola is a magic nut that can treat a lot of illnesses and conditions. What does bitter kola do to the body? How useful is this nut? Can it be used if you have diabetes? In this post, we will discuss all the benefits of bitter kola and answer all the questions.


Bitter kola – what is it?

The popular African plant bitter kola is widely used for medical and healing purposes because it has a long list of incredible health benefits that are good for human body.

What is bitter kola? Its second name is garcinia kola. This tropical plant is loved for its seeds. They look similar to kidney beans and remind of delicious nuts that leave a bitter taste in your mouth.


Each bitter kola nut is nutritious and rich in useful elements:

  • Vitamins E, B1, C
  • Protein (over 11 percent)
  • Potassium (nearly 70 percent)
  • Carbohydrate
  • Other valuable nutrients that enhance the effect of bitter kola

What does bitter kola do to the human body? It is time to talk about all the awesome advantages you can enjoy if you choose to eat ellipsoid-shaped nuts a couple of times a week.


Benefits of bitter kola

Different Nigerian communities have their own names for bitter kola, as they love all the healing and health benefits of this nut. For example, Hausa people say this is miji-goro, Igbo tribe calls it akiilu, and Yoruba community calls it orogbo.

Below you will find a list of some of the most amazing bitter kola nut health benefits.

1. Bitter kola and weight loss

Do you have a couple of extra kilograms you wish to get rid of? Are you trying to follow a diet plan without much luck? Try adding bitter kola nuts to your diet meals, and you can achieve an impressive weight loss effect. How is it possible?

The bitter nuts can suppress your appetite. This means you won’t feel hunger and will eat less.

Besides, this natural product stimulates your thirst. This means you will want to drink more clear water throughout the day, and we all know how important it is to consume 1.5-2 liters of water per day. Water boosts metabolism and helps to stay healthy and lose excess weight.

The natural power of bitter kola solves two problems many of us experience while trying to lose weight: it causes lower appetite and higher thirst. These 2 factors can play an essential role in your diet and help you become slim and healthy.


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