If you can’t wash your woman’s pant on her period, you are useless — Lady declares

A slim young lady based in Ebonyi state, has taken to her social media handle to call out men who can’t wash their woman’s underwear especially when she is on her period.

There have always been arguments about men who find is disgusting or disrespectful to wash their girlfriends or wives underwear. However, some men don’t have a problem with this but some still can’t do it.

According to Slim Beauty, she disclosed that any man who feels irritated by this act is useless. She added that even her billionaire boyfriend washes her underwear.

Slim lady blasts men who cannot wash their girlfriend’s underwear during her period.

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  1. Emma E Ekanem says

    and if yu can’t swallow my sperm inside yur mouth when com then yu re useless …. how many ladies can swallow their guys sperm?

  2. Cristina Tatiana Dumitrescu says

    In Nigeria is a competion of which girl is more stupid then other?

  3. Cristina Tatiana Dumitrescu says

    If her boyfriend was really billionaire brought her a washing machine and so she not stayed here to speak nonsenses

  4. Elizabeth Oga Oga says


  5. Isaiah Ifeanyi Nneji says

    Another wasted thing here, men should be cautious the way they have sex with women, don’t waste your thing any how.

  6. Olowo Umar says

    Of course,dis one is a drug addict no need of attaching much concern 2 her commnt.

  7. Odiuko Sparkleslahot says

    I no fit laugh. Men inugokwa

  8. Chigozie Okafor says

    can u imaging how most of y’all drag the name of the country ” imagine the statement made by Cristina Tatiana dumitrescu , she said in Nigeria is a completion of which girl is more stupid than others ? I don’t get it all this girls !!! if u do not have something meaningful too say on social media don’t come here & act stupid pls.

  9. Simon S. Magani says

    If I slap you now they will say it’s domestic violence. Isi aturu.

  10. Adeleye Olawepo says

    Hahahahaa sometime the way some ladies think ehn you will wonder why their mother conceive them

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