Jobless man brutalize wife, child in Ibadan, says she talks to him ‘anyhow’

A pepper seller was, yesterday morning, publicly battered by his deadbeat husband, who also extended his rage to their daughter in Ibadan, Oyo State.

According to a Journalist identified as Adeoye, who witnessed the incident, the lady is the breadwinner of the house.

From the video, the man was accusing her of talking to him anyhow.

In a post on her page, Adeoye said:

“This morning, i woke up to go and buy something outside from a woman dat sells pepper in ibadan ojoo area.

I got there and lo and behold, i met d woman’s husband beaten her blue black even with her children crying and the first born, a female, was beaten by the same man.

Battered child

I was confused cos i don’t interfere in relationship (bf &gf) not to talk of marriage wey pikin don enter. The funny aspect is its this woman that pays the rent, feeds her children and pays for their school fees.

She goes to farm around 5am, comes back around 9am, shuffles and arranges her market, hawks and comes back 7pm latest. Cooks for the fool that didn’t drop #10, according to her, and still beats her.

She was still complaining to me, last night, but i told her to calm down because on a norm, before now, i don’t interfere in their troubles, but this is just too much and the man was even telling the people around to go and call anybody that he is above the law. lol funny fool.

The man beating his wife

I’m just confused and please is this marriage thing by force? Since she’s the one feeding the children and paying rents, whats the need of dying untimely? God please help this generation.

For people that said why didn’t yet separate them, mind you, we did. The stupid guy even pushed a very old woman to the floor.” watch video below.

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  1. Pablo Chappo says

    Woman talks anyhow for sure.

  2. Beatrice Griffin says

    You’re not beating on that woman is that’s sad I’m doing that to you

  3. An hungry man is an angry man. That is the result of Jobless.

  4. Shuaib Mohammed Sani says

    A matured minded person never raise his hand on woman..

  5. Olaniyan Titilayo Adeola says

    Shameless man

  6. Akindeko Omowunmi says

    Animals.shamless monkey

  7. Bashir Kabir says

    You no get job, you no dey provide, you dare show face ask for respect. Useless man thunder shall end your unproductive wicked life.

  8. Mike Ovayero says

    Women talk too much self. She deserves the beating, hun.

  9. Peter M. Bazza Yakura says

    Is he a policeman? I always heard about police brutality.

  10. Sly Abu Silva says

    I will not marry any woman,I am hot tempered, the way women talk to their men I may end up killing somebody’s daughter so is better I stay single and have two children from different baby mamas that will be living seperatly from me.

  11. Chukwuma Simeon says

    I don’t like domestic violence.but if this woman pay all the bills and disrespect the man she has done nothing good

  12. Autria Sherese says

    I would just poison his food end of story fuck out here bum ass

  13. Bawa Adams says

    Some ladies have no control of speech no matter how u try to avoid dem they must push u to d wall,God help us

  14. Egbeyemi Abdulazeez says

    May God help all men. That is what joblessness can cause.

  15. Augustine Olisa says

    I watched the video. I don’t support the beating sha but
    the truth is that some women sef no dey try cos she was fighting the man before he started beating her

  16. Yokake Nuerki Zutah says

    When May weather is raking in MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from beating his fellow men. Some African men are just here beating , bullying and intimidating Women everywhere. Cowards all around.

  17. Prince Ejeh Ede Ade says

    This man is foolish this is not how to treat A lady this is some body elses child if it was his own daughter how will he fill

  18. Sarah Charles says

    Wickedness of the wicked

  19. Simon Okungbowa says

    It’s very wrong to hit a lady, but some ladies will push u to d extreme..

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