Dump that man who can’t give you at least 100k monthly — Lady advises

According to the tweep, a boyfriend who does not give his woman N100k should be dumped. This resulted to controversy and many Nigerians have responded to her tweet in different ways.

A lady identified as Adjarho rukevwe on Twitter has caused a stir with a post she made. In what she posted, the lady had taken to giving her own opinion on the amount of money a woman’s boyfriend should be rewarding her with.

Given the words of the lady, a sum of N100, 000 per month was the minimum amount boyfriend’s need to give to their “baes”. For Adjarho, if a guy does not fulfill the requirement, he should be dumped.

The lady’s words came in form of a short tweet that imperatively stated her opinion about how the monetary angle to a relationship should work.

See the full post here:

Some people who agreed with her words took to teasing her about it and a lady even sent the tweep her account number hoping to receive part of the money Adjarho’s boyfriend might be doling out to her.

As it appears, though, the words of these lady did not sit well with most people. They were aghast that she could raise up such suggestion or have the opinion. Due to the strong disapproval of people, they took to her page to express their objections.

See some of the reactions below:

The lady, upon seeing all these responses to her post, took to throwing shade on as many as tweeted back at her. Her tweet showed that she was not bothered in the least about they say to her.

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