Pandemonium as suspended students, friends set hostel ablaze in Bowen University

Bowen University students allegedly burnt down their hostel, after the school’s Vice Chancellor suspended 200 students who refused a drug test.

The incident is now a trending topic on Twitter, and here are reactions of Nigerians to claims that Bowen University students burnt down a hostel;

@duchess_sucy wrote;

Lemme make something clear to you guys ehn, stop burning down hostels abeg, burn down the main place and rest the case there. You’ll end up sleeping on the street of Bowen cos these people don’t actually care.

Bowen University students burn down hostels after the school VC suspended 200 students for refusing drug tests

@Mhidy_ wrote;

What the fuck is wrong with Bowen University? A list of 100 students to be suspended….wtf?




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