Beautiful photo of 5 generations shows the true definition of family goals


Have you ever heard the expression “black don’t crack”? It is an expression used to describe the fact Africans still look beautiful and young even when they are past their prime.

From time to time photos of African families trend on social media for several reasons. At times, it is to celebrate black love, other times it is just to celebrate the bond of family, but it is celebrated best when a family shows off their generation.

This photo of a Nigerian family of five generation shows nothing but true love and bond. The photo shows a great great grandma, a great grandma, a grandma, a mother and her baby boy.

The picture shows the family at their best. We came across the photo after it was shared on social media by the mother who described her family as the absolute best.

In her caption, the woman identified as Miriam Davou Ako had gushed about her great grandma’s beauty and how she still works around doing dishes and washing her clothes at home.

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Ako also noted that her grandma is the one who cares about everybody’s feelings and what is going on in their lives. She stated that her mother is a strong woman who should be celebrated for her strength.

The woman also gushed about her son Zane who was born in April. She gushed about her husband for always supporting her.

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5 generations!!! 😍😍😍 @mizadavou This is a total package of God's Grace, Mercy and Blessings. 5 Generations of God's Grace🤗 This pic here is a representation of strong women who have gone through life and come out victorious! . 🌷 You see my Great grandma over there still works around and washes her clothes. 🌻My Grandma is the one that carries everybodys wahala on her head, after I had my baby she called almost 6 times a day 🤣🤣 🌼You see my momma over there she's a Super human, I remember how broken and depressed she was after we lost my dad, it took Jesus himself to comfort her! She's my greatest critic 😃 you know how twins act, quarrel and reconcile automatically? . That's us 😂 🌹To me! All I see is God's love and grace in my life, I am truly blessed and favored. After loosing a Pregancy April last year, I'm here with a cute, chubby, happy, peaceful and Amazing 6 weeks old lil man this April ! Lord I'm Grateful. My Zane is indeed privileged and blessed to have all these women available for him. God keep them all for me. . 🌺To my ever supportive hubby! Mr Blackwell, words fail my love! You kept pushing for this pic oooo 😃😃 when I wanted to lose weight and slay 🤣😂🤣😂 I love you till Jesus comes you already know! Lord, I'm forever indebted to you! Thank You! #NigerianWedding #NWfamilys

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