What it means to travel while earning minimum wage in Nigeria


Though we are big believers in budget-travelling, we wonder what travel would seem like for people earning within Nigeria’s minimum wage?

Current minimum wage in Nigeria is N18,000 while the new proposed minimum wage is N27,000. Here are some implications for people earn within this outrageous pay grade with intentions to explore the world.

1. Can you REALLY afford an international passport?

The new international passport rates start at N25,000 for 32-page passports with a five-year validity period and end at N70,000 for 64-page passports with a 10-year validitiy period. While your N27,000 can buy you the cheapest one, you’ll have to sacrifice a lot to be able to live on just N2,000 in the next month.

2. Road travel is probably your best friend

We are glad to tell you that if you pool every month’s salary for the next 10 months, you’ll be able to afford to buy a flight ticket to Accra, Ghana, as well as pay for accommodation and feeding! On the other hand, three months’ salary can get you a road trip safely to the country from Nigeria. This means road is probably the better alternative most of the time, whether you like it or not.

3. Can you even explore outside your city?

As a expert budget traveller, you should be used to travelling out of the city by now. However, for less-experienced travellers, a trip out of Lagos to Osun-Osogbo, for example, might take more than expected, if not prepared.

We always advise to start with exploring your city. They don’t cost much but they hold magic that you won’t know unless you try. You can cross many things off your bucket list.

4. Are you really saving or suffering?

The extreme tracking and saving will definitely take a toll. Make sure you’re doing the right opportunity cost and not sacrificing basic essentials all because of travel. Though travel might be a priority, make priority for your life and health.

5. Couchsurfing is probably your best friend

Booking hotels is not cheap at all! Unless you get a deal, extremely cheap hotels usually give you your money’s worth, if you know what we mean. That means you have to look for other alternatives, such as Couchsurfing, which allows travellers in other cities offer you free accommodation, and sometimes, feeding, in exchange for your travel stories and/or friendship. So, why not!?



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