‘My INEC Vigil Experience’, Pained Youth Corps Member Writes in Tears


One of the NYSC members, identified as Darlington Love who was ‎deployed to participate in the recently postponed Presidential election has detailed his bitter experience and opinion in a write up titled ‘My INEC Vigil Experience’

Recall that there was outrage earlier today after INEC abandoned NYSC Members outside their Polling Units. Nigerian celebrities also joined trail of reactions over viral pictures of National Youth Service Corps members sleeping in open areas ahead of the 2019 presidential election.

A concerned corps reached out to Within Nigeria to share his opinion, read  what ‎Darlington Love‎ wrote below.

As a Corp member,i write this with grief and pain:

When will Nigeria be better,Nigeria government are responsible for this,see the risk they put coppers through yesterday,lets say I understand why it was postponed but they should have postponed the election in the early hours of February 16th before coppers went to their various polling unit,some had to travel as far as 4 hours to their polling unit.They had no place to sleep some slept on the street,some slept in some kind of old primary school building,Now I understand what fella kuti was saying in his songs.
Warnings to all Corp members: Please don’t endanger your lives,this election is not do or die,it isn’t worth your lives,ontop how much Nawa o
Even the Nigerian government does not care about the masses they don’t care whatever you do or say,all they want is power and money.
Hmmn….. All in the name of we are serving our country(Nigeria).
Nigeria a great country indeed.

Darlington Love


I have never at any point in my life lose hope in the reformation of this country from its poor and stunted growth to a better, robust and convenient nation for all and sundry. As a matter of fact, I was among those patriotic Nigerians who so much believe in ‘Nigeria go better mantra’ not until the last moment of my long hours vigil at INEC office.

I had the most embarrassing disappointment yesterday having gone to the INEC office as earlier as 2:30pm with an empty tummy. Like other Corps members who have never participated in electoral processes before, I rushed myself to the venue to meet up with the bus that would be taking us to our centre without knowing about the upcoming vigil. We were all deceived to remain calm and wait for the INEC materials and for real, we maintained that calm tempo. Later in the night, we all got stranded hanging around while many were on the floor, sleeping over night under the stench of cold breeze. I cannot but imagine the kind of suffering inflicted on the Corps members just because we wanted to participate in the process of electing another set of corrupt representa-thieves on a token stipend.

Sincerely speaking, Nigeria is a typical example of a confused nation that is being managed by the most confused set of leaders with weak, shallow, and disjointed minds. I have said it severally that, this country is still a toddler crawling in the hands of the wicked and prodigal representa-thieves under their immoral guise of outrageous, rapacious revelations.

Yesterday was a very tough, stressful and prayer free vigil for all the Corps members across the country. What Nigeria electoral body planned for four years ran under the senseless decision of postponement. This decision had not only jeopardized the already fixed programmes of many Nigerians but had also made the country to be an object of ridicule before the international community.

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