U.S-based Liberian woman exposes her cheating Nigerian husband, reveals his punishment

A trending video on twitter shows a US -Based Liberian woman speaking extensively on the things she did to her cheating Nigerian husband.

According to the lady who did not give her name, she and her Nigerian husband have been married for eight years with kids. Recently, he told her he wanted to go back to Nigeria on vacation as he had not seen his family members for a while.

Little did he know she had tapped his phone lines and had long before then, eavesdropped on his conversations with a certain Nigerian woman who he had promised to give a treat once he arrives Nigeria.

Well, he left for Nigeria for his tryst and she pulled up all strings to deal with him. She put up their home for rent and moved out with their kids to a different location. When he came back from his ”meeting” in Nigeria, he had no home to go to.

Listen to the videos she shared stating his reactions after she confronted him.




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