Youth corps member sheds tears after completing her drilling exercise in camp

A video of a female corp member in camp has gone viral on the internet and for hilarious reasons too!

When preparing to go for the National Youth Service Scheme, a lot of things are to be taken into consideration. One of the factors being your physical and mental strength. As it appears, not everyone is exactly blessed with this knowledge.

In a rather hilarious video currently trending on the internet, a plus size corp member is seen going through a drill as is the usual in camp. However, the female corp member doesn’t seem to be having fun but appears scared instead.

Gripping hard to the knitted ropes she is supposed to climb through, she appears too scared to go over the rope and can be heard crying out: “Hold me hold me”. After which she topples over into the waiting arms of some clearly amused ‘Man o War’ officers present.

See video below:

In more hilarious news, children are often times considered unassuming and impressionable. This is the major reason many people are usually thrown off guard when a child does something daring. For this corps member identified as Christy Augustine, ‘speechless’ can best described how she feels.

Source LEGIT



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