Buhari’s media aide Jack Obinyan comes under fire for tweeting about the huge profit made by a bottle water hawker

One of Buhari’s media aide, Jack Obinyan has come under fire for glorifying ‘poverty’. Obinyan had attempted to pass a message about hard work when he shared his experience with a young girl hawking bottled water.

Many Nigerians dragged him, saying the young girl should be in school in a successful and well governed country.

Jack Obinyan, one of President Buhari‘s media aide has apparently landed himself at the front yard of internet trolls after sharing his experience with a young girl who he stated, hawks bottled water for a living.

Obinyan had attempted to preach on the benefits of hard work when he said that a female minor which he met recently was happily hawking bottled water and at the time of their conversation had sold N4,000 which gives her a profit of N800.

He went further to state that after a whole day’s work, she retires home with approximately N1,500, which after research amounts to less than five dollars. In his post, Jack, seemed to be praising the work of the minor and stating that hard work pays.

His post angered many Nigerians who attacked him verbally and stated that the young girl should be in school instead of being on the streets. Many also accused Jack of glorifying poverty and suffering instead of being honest about the condition of the country.

Some argued that if Nigeria were a successful and well-governed country, such will not be happening to the ‘leaders of tomorrow.’

Read the statement that sparked outrage on social media:

Here’s how Nigerians reacted to the post:

Meanwhile, in a video trending on social media, an Arabian man, whose name was not revealed, said Nigeria has a problem of bad leadership. According to him, Nigeria is rich in oil and that the country had the mineral resource before Dubai discovered its own.

Apart from oil, the man said Nigeria is blessed with fertile land for agriculture. He said: “Nigeria is way richer than Dubai. Nigeria had crude oil before Dubai.“Nigeria also has agriculture, gold, diamond and many other valuable mineral deposits (minning), but Nigeria is currently the way it is because of bad leaders. “The only reason Dubai is better than Nigeria is because of good leadership.”

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