Start Mobile Phone Charger Business, 10% discount, Up To 100% profit

Make money selling BEST QUALITY for Android phones charger today MADE BY IMAGE high quality capacity charger 3.1Amax 3in1 charger.

Mobile phone charger is another item that is highly demanded on a daily basis in Nigeria and you can tap into this opportunity via ‘IMAGE CHARGER’

Why this huge demand?

Not so many are educated on how to safely store a mobile charger, hence they ofter break the cable which eventually prompts them replace their charger often.

Everybody is guilty of this one, there is always this time we’ll travel far away from home and forget either our charger or its cable at home and we are forced to buy another one at our destination.

This is another reason we cannot control. Fluctuating power has a major contribution in huge demand of mobile charger replacement. Its either the fluctuation of official power supply cuts the charger’s lifespan or surge a voltage from electricity generator ends the chargers life untimely.

Meanwhile many people just feel comfortable to be safe and buy an extra charger.

While others on hearing that there is a charger with good quality that charges fast like ‘IMAGE CHARGER’ seizes every opportunity to acquire such a good charger.

 Now that you know there’s demand for mobile charger, how do you tap into this opportunity and make money from it?

Getting connected directly with the Manufacturer’s distributor is a major game player in your profit because you will get it cheaper, more discount and warranty. Here is an opportunity to link up with the major distributor of ‘IMAGE CHARGER’.

You can tap into this opportunity as a side hustle or a add to an existing business and even as a major business.

‘IMAGE CHARGER’ can deliver to anywhere in Nigeria.

You can start with any reasonable amount but we recommend starting with N25,000 because ‘IMAGE CHARGER’ will give you 10% discount on orders of N25,000 and above.

How to start.

  • Call or message via whatsapp: 0803 707 1751

Details of the Business Venture and Product .

Image Phone Charger. Is the BEST QUALITY for Android phones charger today MADE BY IMAGE high quality capacity charger 3.1Amax 3in1 charger.

You may charge up to three different phones at the same time with IMAGE charger.

IMAGE Charger (dual charging point)

High-quality materials – The interior of the cable is made of high-quality copper for durability.
Design – With integrated single-chip pins, designed for heavy-duty charging, can use our chargers and cables to charge any of your compatible device.

Compatibility – Mainly for Android but can also charge iPhone X/8 Plus/7 Plus/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus/5/5s/5c/XS/XR/XS Max and more apple devices.

Stable Transfer – Transfers up to 480M of data through a high-purity oxygen-free copper core, ensuring fast charging and efficient data synchronization for all compatible devices.

Image Charger

Warranty – Each product contains a 3-month worry-free warranty, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We supply to retailers and wholesalers nationwide. For your Image quality Android charger supply, contact us at.

  • Phone: 0803 707 1751

  • Fast Charging
  • Multi Tasking
  • Cable Strength



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