Sharm el Sheikh attractions and why it’s a great destination

Egypt, the land that has spurned tales of kings and queens of old. It is a land where magic has lived and still lives in its stunning locations plus historical sites.

Sharm el Sheikh is one of such places. Located on the Sinai Peninsula, it is the major tourism center. It caters to the varied needs of tourists from diving and snorkeling, to chilling on the beach even with family, desert safari’s that include camel rides to visits of some religious sites. When it comes to diving, Sharm el Sheikh is without a doubt one of the top diving and snorkeling destinations in the world which draws thousands of diving and snorkeling enthusiasts year to year, who come to explore the underwaters of the Red Sea but principally the waters of the Ras Mohammed Marine Park.

Want to explore the tombs temples of old? Then Sharm el Sheikh is the destination to head to plus it doesn’t offer only attractions in the sand, but you can also head over to its various beaches which are also family friendly.

Sharm el Sheikh is large and wide. It has Shark’s bay to its north, Sharm Al-Maya to its south and Naama Bay to its center. These locations are home to the best Sharm el Sheikh hotels. Naama bay has budget resorts, exclusive resorts and even mid-range resorts. Shark’s Bay on the other hand caters to only exclusive resorts while Sharm Al-Maya caters to mid-range and budget resorts.

Sharm el Sheikh has a lot to offer in terms of great attractions, so lets see some of these attractions that has made this tourist center a favorite.

Ras Um Sid Beach and Reef.

Located on Al-Fanar Street, this beach is a great place to start your first-time foray into diving. It is also the go-to beach for a lot of local dive operators to teach try-dive. In addition to having a coral reef with various fish life if you want to snorkel, you can always choose to just relax on the beach and enjoy the beauty of the clear waters. Ras Um Sid Beach and Reef is at the southern end of the town and is noted as one of the best beaches in Sharm el Sheikh.

Jolanda Reef Dive Site

The Jolanda Reef covers the coral walls of the Shark Reef. The Shark Reef is home to various fish life and captivating coral gardens which take your breath away. It is a favorite site for divers because it is home to the Jolanda which is a freighter ship of Cypriot origins that ran aground in 1980. Jolanda Reef or also called Yolanda Reef is a popular dive site along the northern part of the Red Sea.

Thistlegorm Dive Site

During World War Ⅱ, a cargo ship was on its way to resupply British troops on the front lines with jeeps, weapons and motorbikes but never made it as it was sunk by German bombers. Now, this wreck lies in the Straits of Gubal which is off the western coast of the Sinai Peninsula. For experienced divers, the wreck site of the Thistlegorm is a must dive when visiting Sharm el Sheikh. With its room and cargo hold teeming with fish life, the wreck site is a must stop location on all boat tours in Sharm el Sheikh in addition to it having a night dive of the wreck.

Ras Mohammed National Park

This is the reason why Sharm el Sheikh is on the tourist map. Ras Mohammed National Park is encircled by some of the world’s most breathtaking dive sites in addition to be the location of some of the most glorious beaches with the option of first-rate snorkeling offshore plus a saltwater lake and the world’s most northerly mangrove forest.

With views that stretch over both sides of the Red Sea which can be seen from the top of the Shark Observatory Cliff which lies on the southern side of the Ras Mohammed, tourist can get an excellent view. The Ras Mohammed National Park is located 38 kilometers south of Sharm el Sheikh.

Mount Sinai

Located 209 kilometers northwest from Sharm el Sheikh, this is the revered location where the Prophet Moses received the 10 commandments. Known as a popular pilgrimage for most people, Sinai’s rugged scape is a beauty to behold. There are two ways to get to the top of Mount Sinai. The Steps of Repentance is one. It is a set of stone cut steps by monks, difficult to take but with the reward of a more scenic route to the top and the Camel trail is another, which is a well-worn path to the top, easier to navigate but less scenic.

Shark’s Bay

Home to some of Sharm el Sheikh’s luxurious hotels and resorts, the exclusive Shark’s Bay is the ideal destination for a tranquil holiday experience. Also, home to Sharm el Sheikh’s top restaurants in Soho Square Center plus shops and great night life, this is the place to be in Sharm el Sheikh. It is located seven kilometers north of Sharm el Sheikh.

Sharm al-Maya

Genies, magic lamps, shisha pipes, colorful fabrics fit for royalty, can all be found in Old Market. It is the town’s bazaar area which caters to all the souvenir needs of tourists. Due to the heat, it is best to shop and explore at sunset. The market is also a great spot for affordable restaurants and cafes, so it is a great location to spend an evening. Located on Sharm al-Maya road, the market is the must go to spot for a feel and experience of the local life and culture of Egypt.

There are also some other attractions of Sharm el Sheikh that make this destination great. They are;

Gardens Dive Site, Thomas Reef Dive Site, The Colored Canyon, Nabq Protectorate, Dunraven Dive Site, Dahab, The Blue Hole, Jackson Reef Dive Site, Saint Catherine’s Monastery plus Camel safari or introduction to scuba diving.

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