Naira Marley: Is ‘Soapy’ A New Crusade For Masturbation?

The song is capable of corrupting the minds of children and forcing them to practice masturbation


Naira Marly has grown some wings since he got out of EFCC’s prison, and not letting the anti-graft controversy slow him down.

Undoubtedly, Naira Marley is now more popular than he used to be before his saga with EFCC, his fan base has increased and already more popular in the entertainment industry. But is Naira Marley channeling his new-found fame properly?

Two weeks ago, when Naira Marley dropped ‘Opotoyi’, a provocative song with x-rated visuals, fashioned on dirty lyrics, while the video has scenes of guys downing hard drugs with ladies doing dirty dance steps, little did we know the music was to usher in a dirtier song, ‘Soapy’ that was released alongside new dance step a couple of days ago.

The song ‘Soapy’, especially its dance step has since sparked outrage on social media and Naira Marley’s fans have been sharing their views on what they feel the song is all about despite despite the artiste coding the lyrics of the song.

Naira Marley’s ‘Soapy’ track can be viewed from two aspects, ‘the struggle of life’ and ‘the promotion of masturbation’. ‘On the song, the rapper re-echoes the inequality of life, saying some are enjoying life, while some are suffering.

The other aspect of the song that we perceive to be offensive has to do with the promotion of masturbation. Decoding Soapy’s lyrics from 1 minute three seconds, Naira Marley simply narrated how male prisoners who are sex-starved have replaced intercourse with masturbation.

Naira Marley also advised singles to masturbate with soap, this is clearly seen in the dance video shared on his official instagram page, which serves as a promotional clip for the new song. As we await the release of ‘Soapy’s video, it is obvious that Naira Marley, through his platform has embarked on a journey to promote masturbation – this we cannot say he’s ignorant of.

Masturbation means touching one’s own body, including sex organs, for sexual pleasure. While many consider the act to be very normal and helpful, some have condemned it and it remains one of the most controversial topics to discuss in any religious setting.

Masturbation has its good and bad sides, however it can also be a criminal offence. Many men and women live in shame, fear of being caught in the act and guilt that comes with engaging in it.

Scientists have confirmed masturbation reduces stress, releases tension, enhances sleep quality, boosts concentration, elevates mood, relieves menstrual cramps and alleviates pain. Individuals engage in masturbation as a way to reducing unwanted pregnancies, preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV transmission, but it decreases sexual sensitivity and highly dangerous when one becomes addicted to it.

Naira Marley being a musician who is promoting his career with controversy, it won’t be surprising if he didn’t consider the young kids who may be exposed to this new song. The song is capable of corrupting the minds of children and forcing them to practice masturbation, although, he did not in straight term say children should masturbate, but the rapper hinted at it when he mentioned that a particular brand of soap, ‘Omo’ should not be used while masturbating.

Hence, for the children to be protected, it will be a pollution to allow Naira Marley’s new song, ‘Soapy’ fly in the public space. As we leave Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), to decide whether ‘Soapy’ should remain in the public domain or be banned, we have to remind ourselves that it is best we do away with songs that promote sexual conduct because they are harmful to a child’s mental, emotional, moral, and physical welfare.

Listen to ‘Soapy’ below;



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