Pastor Chris Oyakhilome reveals why poor people don’t have money

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy has stated that money exists only in the mind of the poor. According to him, there’s no such thing as money which he believes is a creation of the rich to control the poor.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome made this known while speaking during a Love World program. He said:

“Money does not make you rich. There is no such thing as money because money exists only in the mind of the poor. It’s a way of the rich to control the poor.

“Wealth is based on wisdom. It is power, the ability to influence, the ability to control, the ability to determine your life and your future and help others.”

The clergyman further advice people to make use of the ability they have been given by God. Listing the abilities, he said:

“These are the abilities that God gives you. The ability to see what others cannot see, the ability to hear what others cannot hear and the ability to know what others cannot know. This is the understanding heart, & here is the power of influence.”




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