Iranian female fans can now watch men’s football at the stadium, first since 1979

For the first time since 1979, Iranian female can now watch the men’s football match from the stadium.

Iranian female fans will be allowed to attend the men’s football World Cub qualifying match in the Islamic Republic in October after so much pressure from FIFA.

Iranian women have been banned from watching men’s football matches in the stadium since the revolution in 1979, even though foreign women are allowed limited access to the matches in the country.

The Iranian Football Federation had to reach an agreement with FIFA after they were threatened in June to provide a timeline for women being able to buy tickets for the qualifiers, or face consequences.

FIFA had asked that “Women can go to Tehran’s Azadi stadium to watch the match between Iran’s national team and Cambodia in October for the Qatar World Cup qualifier,” IRNA quoted deputy Sports Minister Jamshid Taghizadeh as saying.



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