FBI List: US court grants one of the 80 Nigerian suspects $75,000 bail

The United States Authorities have granted bail to one of the 80 American residents of Nigerian origin who were arrrested last month for fraud.

The suspect granted bail identified as Ifeanyi Agwuegbo was included as main suspect in a vast business email fraud cartel busted by the FBI.

An American Magistrate, Peter Bray docked Ifeanyi in a Texas court on August 27, 2019. The magistrate who listened to Agwuegbo’s preliminary bail application asked the suspect to be released on a bond of $75,000 (N27.2 million).

Agwuegbo was also asked to provide at least $5,000 deposit and one surety whose signature must be obtained before the defendant could be released.

He was remanded in custody because he did not immediately meet the conditions. He was amongst at least 77 Nigerians indicted by the F.B.I.

In a televised announcement on August 22. Several of them have been arrested, while others still at large are being tracked down by the F.B.I. and Nigerian authorities.



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