Tacha And Seyi’s Achievements Compared By Their Social Media Fans

Moments after Tacha claimed to have achieved more at the age of 23 than Seyi, BBNaija fans have continued the arguments online.

Tacha, during a conversation with BBNaija host, Ebuka, on Sunday, bragged about her achievements before stating that Seyi wouldn’t come close if it wasn’t for the show.

“What I have achieved at my current age, 23, Seyi has not achieved anything close to it in his entire life. If not for Biggie, he wouldn’t even be close,” was Tacha’s response to a question Ebuka asked.

Those comments seemed to have stunned the other housemates and more so, fans of the reality TV show who watched from home.

And in the usual social media style, it has been followed up with an online debate between their fans.

Below are some of the tweets comparing Tacha and Seyi’s achievements and a few reactions to her comments:



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