Popularity of CS: GO Knives

CS: GO skins trading are trending and phenomenal among the CS: GO community and it is no different for gamers in Nigeria. Here we talk about the popular knives weapons that are used, the different styles and types and how they are traded.

What CS: GO Knives are All About

If you have not played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive you might be in the dark about what the game and its weapons trades are all about. Today this virtual game domain has reached new heights of popularity and melee weapons that are basic to the game are not only used by players when they are fighting their opponents but also are great collectibles that have a vibrant trading community to back their supplies and demand.

Here are Some Salient Points about them

  • Knives in counter-strike games are part of melee slots of weapons; that means they cannot be purchased, traded or dropped.
  • Range of throw is short which makes them best for fast, primary attacks when damage is low while secondary attacks are slower but can create more damage.
  • Knife attacks help multiply headshots as well as backstabs; kills with the knife provide a high amount of money; one can gain $750 for casual while $1500 for competitive encounters.
  • CS: GO knives are known to allow fast movement among other utilities and weapons; for instance, when one has planted a c4 and is running from a bombsite or is trying to overcome an opponent team.
  • Close up combat are also faster with knives as compared to using other weapons in shootouts where one has to reload weapons.
  • There are different strategies and techniques that one can utilize for using a knife.

Types of Knives

The models among CS: GO knives might not be many but there are different cosmetic skins that help divide the knives into fifteen groups. The major ones are bayonets, gut knives, flip knives, M9 bayonets, karambits, shadow daggers, butterfly knives, falchion knives, bowie knives, huntsman knives, Ursus knives, stiletto knives, Navaja knives, and Talon knives.

Besides styles, they also come with different finishes. For instance, Chroma case finishes like Marble Fade, Doppler, Damascus steel, Rust Coat, Tiger Tooth or Ultraviolet. Gamma Case also has finishes like Bright Water, Gamma Doppler, Lore, Freehand, Autotronic and Black Laminate.

With the above styles and finishes, there are several cool designs that one can choose their CS: GO knives in or when they wish to sell CS: GO skins instantly.

Price Ranges

Since CS: GO knives are prized collectibles, they are pricey. There are essential or bare designs that are cheaper like shadow daggers, Navaja knives, and gut knives. These are also cheap because they are not much in demand. If you look at styles, Scorched, Boreal, Safari Mesh is cheapest, ranging $60 to $80 for each. The middle tier popular varieties are usually priced around $200 to $250. In the most expensive range is the Bayonet model or the Lore Factory New and even more so is the M9 Bayonet or the Crimson Web. Legends are rare about these knives and that makes them about thousand dollars priced.

Trading Platform

Those who wish to find the price of a CS: GO knife can do so in different ways.

  • One is to log into the ‘Steam Community Market’. Here one can find the highest prices for most choices. However one needs to know that the money earned lands in Steam Wallet which means you cannot transact outside this method.
  • There are third party marketplaces where such transactions can also take place. However, prices are lower in such markets but the advantage is that one can earn by different payment options besides the Steam payment ecosystem. There are certain limitations such as scam attempts as well as listing process being time-consuming. The waiting time is also varied depending on the kind of offers you receive.
  • SkinWallet is a choice when you wish to gain instant cash. This platform allows one to sell by few simple steps. If you have CS: GO knives and wish to use a legitimate way of selling them, all you need to do is create a public account on Steam inventory. Then you log in via Steam account and visit the deposit section on SkinWallet. Once you choose the gloves skins you wish to sell you can proceed to complete the transaction. It is easy to finish the transaction by clicking the options in the security pop up panel. It is a safe way to complete such transactions and one is redirected to the trade window on Steam. Once you check the trade details you can accept the changes and money gets added to the account on SkinWallet after the transaction is completed.
  • If you are on the lookout for new knives, this is best done by two methods Steam community or at third party marketplaces. The market at Steam is one of the preferred methods for most to buy such knives. Costs are usually 20% high here as compared to other markets or websites. Also, the Steam environment is a closed one, not allowing one to take out their money. There are transaction fees involved as well which is usually 15% additional on the price tag.
  • On the other hand, third party marketplaces are another option. CS: GO offers are often carried out in many such forums and one needs to ensure that the transactions are safe and authentic especially to sell CS: GO knives instantly. It is best to trade on platforms you are familiar with since many knives are precious such as a Bayonet that is worth $500.

Valuation of CS: GO Knives

Many often wonder how the valuation of CS: GO knives is done. They are a rarity and they are considered collectible items by gaming enthusiasts. The knives are of varied categories and styles and some are rare and not easily found on market platforms. For instance, a case hardened or a ‘Crimson Web’ skin is rare to find. Owners would also hike prices as per certain rare elements in such knives like web patterns or blue hues. However, it is important to do research before you quote a price or when you wish to buy a knife. Some are in fashion more while others are higher priced due to their rarity or exclusivity.


Owning a CS: GO knife or several of them is a passion of most gaming collectors of the community. If you are new in the market you can join different communities where the relevant styles and finishes are discussed along with their trending prices and availability features.



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