See how Onions nearly destroyed this woman’s marriage

A Nigerian lady has narrated on social media how she nearly lost her marriage over her preference for onions.

In the post, she disclosed that the marriage was very young then and while her husband does not like sliced onions in his food, she on the other hand, loves it so much.

She further added that the onion issue, always cause a serious argument between them and it almost destroyed the marriage.

But later on, she found a solution to the issue and they have since been happily married.
Read her story below:

“11 yrs ago , a young and pretty baby geh got married, she was 22 and he was 26,we were so young and willing to go thru life together, we argued, laughed, cried, struggled together , I remember our first years, how we would fight cos of onions, he hates onions ,I love onions

“He complained and struggled to enjoy his food,then quarells started,until the last fight,he was so mad and refused to eat, our parents had to intervene, my mum called and said ** chinelo he didn’t eat onion for 26yrs of his life ,how do you think that will change now
Stop forcing him to eat onions !! Iga makwa ihe ma ika’nka?My mother inlaw pleaded * chi you know I love onions too, but he doesn’t like it, you can blend so he won’t see it, those words from them.touched me and I adjusted ,started blendingand onion fights stopped
God and love brought us this far. Friends were scared we won’t make it this far cos we were young but they ddnt know we were two imperfect children of God, crazy in love and vowed to respect and never give up on each other”.

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