“Dear Men, It’s Ok To Cry”- Lady Says As She Shares Inspiring Story

A lady chef, identified as Iphie Alfred has narrated her experience with an elderly okada rider while on her way to Aswani market.

According to the chef, she was on her way to the market on a bike, when she saw an elderly man crying by the side of the road.
She felt pity for the elderly man and alighted from her bike to speak with him.

On getting there, she found out that the okada rider had lost his wife, who left behind two children for him to cater for.
One of his kids was really ill at the time and he was hoping to raise money from his bike to buy drugs from a local pharmacy.

Unfortunately, his bike was seized by the police for refusing to settle them.

Well, out of frustration, he couldn’t deal with his emotions anymore, he had to let it out. There he was, crying like a little child.

After listening to his story, Iphie was also in tears. She hugged him tightly and consoled him, telling him that it’s fine to not be strong, cause he’s human too.

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