Woman stabbed in private part and breast by husband speaks out

Nigerian lady, Lucy Moraa who is presently nursing injuries she sustained after her husband Ephraim Malenge reportedly stabbed her private part and breast, is begging her husband to return back to her.

Narrating her bitter ordeal,  31-year-old woman Lucy said her husband stabbed her after she refused giving him money for alcohol. The mother of two told K24TV;

“He [Malenge] came home and told me to give him Ksh40. I said that I did not have the money. He, thereafter, responded, warning: ‘You either give me the Ksh40 I am demanding, or I behead and walk around the streets carrying your severed head’. I thought he was joking, but, nonetheless, I gave him the Ksh40.

“He left, but returned home minutes later. He found me carrying a purse, and ordered I give him the money that was in the bag so that he could go drinking. I declined, telling him that the money in the purse was our children’s school fees. It was at that point that he reached for a kitchen knife and stabbed me in the chest and private parts. He even attempted to attack our child with the knife, but the baby was rescued by neighbours.

“He has formed the habit of seeking forgiveness every time he wrongs me. After a significant period of marital peace, he, again, goes back to his old habits [of violence]. I am still ready to accept him back, but he has to apologise to my family and assure me that he won’t mete out violence on me, again. I want him in my life because he is the father of my children”

Lucy who admitted that her marriage to Ephraim has been marred by physical abuse, revealed that he is yet to be arrested because she is yet to file a complaint with the police.




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