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Man who was captured passionately kissing a little girl exposed

After reports about a Nigerian student who was spotted in a video kissing a toddler went viral, his identity has been revealed.

In the video which sparked outrage on social media, the man is seen asking the girl to kiss him but there was nothing innocent about the kiss on the man’s part. He took the girl’s lower lip between his and kept sucking on it. He did this several times.

When he was done kissing the girl, he looked at the camera, licked his lips and winked. A man’s voice is also heard hailing him with the words, “Ahhh. On top your matter.”

However, some people opined that the man could be the girl’s father.

Well, contrary to that opinion, sources have revealed that the little girl is not the man’s daughter.

According to kbkonline who shared details of the man on social media, the man’s name is Adedeye Babatunde and he is a final year Botany Student in LASU.

Kbkonline also stated that he is NOT the father of the little girl whom he kissed in the video. He also urged Nigerians to ensure Justice is served.

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