Nigerian woman who lost newborn, financially stranded in Ghanaian Hospital finally gets help

The pitiful plight of a Nigerian woman who recently lost the child she gave birth to after being gang-raped in Ghana has been shared by a Facebook user known as Bright Sylvanus.

According to Bright Sylvanus, the woman from Imo State was abandoned in a hospital in Ghana because she couldn’t pay her hospital bills after her child died in the hospital two weeks after being born via C-section.

He claimed that the woman moved to Ghana in search of a job. While there, she was allegedly gang-raped and it resulted in a pregnancy. While pregnant, she was allegedly gang-raped again.

She gave birth on May 31 via ceserean section and the baby died on June 15. The woman was allegedly stranded in Ridge hospital, Accra, because she could not afford to pay the hospital bills. She also couldn’t bury her dead child because of the money she owed the hospital.

Bright said he took pity on the woman when he heard about her situation and he went to the hospital to clear her bills.

Nigerian woman gang-raped in Ghana loses her newborn baby conceived from the rape incident

Sharing photos of the woman and her baby, Bright wrote:

We live in a very wicked world. so yesterday someone sent me a voice note concerning this lady in Ghana she’s from imo state..she came to Ghana to look for a job so she can feed home.. and some group of Ghana boys raped her and got her pregnant even when she was pregnant another set of people raped her again then someone took her to the hospital and left her there for more than three weeks. No friend no family so on the 31st of last month she had to deliver through operation and the baby died On the 15th of this month. when I got this picture and voice note guys, I left everything I was doing I couldn’t even take my bath when I got to the hospital @ridge hospital Accra she was crying that they said she can’t bury her baby till she pay 1200 cidis thats ( 98k) naira so this lady have been at the hospital helplessly.. people are wicked guys. I managed to clear up the bills so the baby can be buried then the lady can go home. Please let the appropriate authorities attend to this issue #SayNoToRape

Nigerian woman gang-raped in Ghana loses her newborn baby conceived from the rape incident

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