Stolen baby saga: Actress, Halima Abubakar finally reveals her baby’s identity

Months after stealing a new born baby’s picture on the internet and claiming it hers, controversial actress, Halima Abubakar has finally revealed her baby’s identity in a video she shared on Instagram. Recall that the picture of the baby Halima stole on the internet, sparked up lots of disagreement on social media after the mother of the baby in the picture called out the 35 year old for claiming to be the one who gave birth of the baby.

Halima who hid her 9 months pregnancy journey from social media has finally decided to share a video of her cute baby. The Northern screen diva wrote “Happy beautiful Sunday .. We grateful to God almighty.. Biggest boy..My heart.. My lion M ozavize”

On why she went private about her pregnancy, Halima said “I kept it away from social media because it’s not their business. The first time I made a post about expecting ‘a mini me’, I was pregnant at that time but I was actually talking about a dog. I had bought a dog then. They (bloggers) ran with it and said I was pregnant. I just kept quiet about it and said thank you to all the prayers. I don’t think it’s okay to shove everything down people’s throats on social media. I am a businesswoman, so for me, social media is to interact with my fans and clients. I advertise for a lot of companies and I am a brand ambassador to over 20 brands. I am always working and I think I overwork myself.”

New mum, Halima Abubakar gushes over motherhood

“Posting about my pregnancy would have been too much because I already advertise for brands and I didn’t want to choke anyone. People just say what they want to say. I am a homely person and I love how my life has changed. I had to train myself to this point and I have done a wonderful job.” She said




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