Remote meeting: 6 Tips to Smash Your Zoom, Skype Interview

Have you got an important Zoom or Skype interview coming up? We all know how nerve-racking interviews can be. Because of recent events, many interviews are being held online over Skype which the majority of people have never experienced before. Follow our tips to perfect your Skype interview etiquette and smash your Zoom or Skype interview!

Check Your Tech

Having to rely on technology to complete your interview means an essential extra step. Before your interview takes place, you need to make sure all your equipment is running smoothly. The last thing you want is technical malfunctions mid-interview. Not only do they look bad, they can really throw you off and ruin your interview. During your set up, the first thing you need to check is that your internet connection is speedy and consistent as this is the cause of most interruptions. Next is all the hardware. Check that your microphone and camera are up to scratch so that they don’t fail you in your interview. And, in the event that there is a technical malfunction, address it calmly and fix it as soon as possible – proving your ability to solve problems!

Prepare your Environment

Although you are interviewing from the comfort of your own home, you should still try to be as professional as possible. In an interview, your potential employers want to know about you in a professional capacity and how you’d fit in with their company. They don’t need to know all your quirks or details about your personal life. That’s why you should make your interview environment business-like. A clean, blank wall is the ideal background for your interview Also, make sure your environment is quiet. A distraction free environment will not only help you concentrate solely on your interview, it will also keep your interviewers focused on you.

Avoid Interruptions

We’ve all seen hilarious videos of TV interviews being interrupted by pets, children and family members. Unfortunately, your interviewers are unlikely to find the humour if it happens during your Skype or Zoom session. In fact, it’s much more likely to prove your inability to prepare. Make everyone in your household acutely aware when and where you are doing your job interview. If possible, do it in a separate room to everyone else and keep the door shut. The same applies to technical interruptions. Just as in a real-life interview, make sure your phone is on silent and don’t check it under any circumstances. Also, close any other tabs on your computer so that you aren’t pestered with notifications.

Dress Appropriately

Even though you aren’t leaving your house, it’s important to create the right impression by looking the part. That means donning your typical interview attire and looking smart in a blazer or suit. And, make sure you get fully dressed! Your shirt and tie will mean nothing if you stand up to reveal tracksuit bottoms or worse. Your personal grooming should also be up to standard. Interviewing with un-showered bed hair will create the wrong impression and let your interviewers know that you don’t put in the right amount of effort. Before your interview make sure you have washed, styled your hair and got dressed as you would for a typical face-to-face interview.


Interviews present the opportunity to put your best foot forward and impress people. Thanks to its remote nature, a skype interview allows you to keep any notes or reminders in eyesight, ensuring you say everything you intended to. And, your potential employers never have to know! Cue cards positioned just behind your laptop will keep all your essential information easily visible for you but out of sight for your interviewers. Be careful not to just read off of your cards or spend the whole interview gazing off camera, your interviewers will definitely catch on.

Speak Without Words

The biggest downside to Skype interviews is the loss of opportunity for face-to-face connection. The subtle cues and vibes we get from in-person interaction are irreplaceable and massively underestimated. That’s why you need to place emphasis on your body language and facial expressions. Convey the right image by looking into the webcam to show eye-contact and sit straight with good posture. And, show you’re engaged by practicing active listening. Head nodding and hand movements can transmit a lot of information and show your interviewers you are listening.


Your Skype interview is the perfect opportunity to show your interviewers why you are the best candidate for the job. By following our essential tips, you can relax and make sure yoU smash your Skype interview!

Kristin Herman is a tech enthusiast and a project manager at online writing service.


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