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Nigerians laments as lesbian couples pose for photo in public Lagos

Nigerian twitter has gone wild after a lesbian couple and their friends struck a post in Lagos, Nigeria.

This is coming after popular twitter lesbian, Amara, shared the photos and wrote:

“someone asked “did we hold a gay retreat?” yes yes yes we did! cause when the gays gather, e dey always turn to church!”

“this picture is important!!! two lesbian couples in Nigeria lesbianing and loving.”

Nigerians panic as lesbian couples pose for photo in Lagos Nigerians panic as lesbian couples pose for photo in Lagos

Within Nigeria Recalls that Nigeria’s criminal code act, Section 214 criminalises “carnal knowledge” against the order of nature with a penalty of fourteen years imprisonment. It applies to sexual intercourse between men. Section 215 criminalises attempts to commit the offences prohibited under Section 214

See some reactions below:

“Rom1:26-27 NLT”That is why God abandoned them to their shameful desires.Even the women turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulged in sex with each other.And the men,instead of having normal sexual relations with women,burned with lust for each other…”

“My forefathers did not consent to this so would I. This is one thing me and my ancestors share the same feelings about. Aru!”

“The saddest thing is most people in this comment section seems to be backing you @amara, I love this country and I will not like it if someone try to ruin it more, you are a threat to me.”

“Gays depending on Straight people to produce more gay people for them”

Obong Wrote: “I hope y’all are tweeting this outside of Nigeria because the law is against lesbianism.. Mk una run ohhhh”


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