Woman accuses husband of sexually molesting their nine-month-old son

A Nigerian woman identified as Onyinye Onome has taken to Facebook to accuse her husband of sexually molesting their nine-month-old son.

According to Onyinye, she married her husband in December 2019, and God immediately blessed them with a son in 2020. She said that her son is only nine months and two weeks.

The lady made a series posts, as well as live videos on Facebook, saying that her life is in danger for exposing her husband, Chukwutem Victor Inalu. She said that he is being backed by powerful men.

Noting that he only dated her for a short time before getting married in Dec 2019, she said they both welcomed a baby boy soon after, who is now 9 months, 2 weeks old.

She claimed she informed her inlaws when she suspected her husband was bisexual, however, nothing was done about it.

She said on a particular day, she came to the sitting room and saw him lying naked with the baby who was touching his father’s penis and when she cautioned him, he laughed it off.

The lady further said that she later noticed her son was in severe pains and took him to the hospital where it was confirmed that he has been sexually molested, adding that the baby was also pooing blood and had scars in his anus.

She also accused the doctor in the General Hospital she took her son to, of trying to prevent her from getting justice, claiming he got a fake human rights activist to handle the case.

Alleging that she has audio evidence of this, she called on Nigerians to help her get justice for her son, who she says hardly sleeps and cries out of pain.

She stressed that her husband and his family should be held responsible if anything happens to her.

In one of her post she wrote:

“Please friends and family…..I need justice for my 9months 2wks son who has been suffering sexual molestation by his very own father who is into men unknowing to me.

“We got married traditionally 20th December 2019 and I have been observing a lot of things in him that was unusual and I called on members of his family on 2 occasions telling them I feel my husband is into men but they never said anything about it…Imagine a wife saying such about your brother and all kept deaf ears not until I noticed my son pulling his dick on different occasions and we had it hot…

“Now my son poos Blood and has scars in is anus which a doctor in the general hospital confirmed… And the doctor immediately called on a human right lawyer to see to the child and give him justice…

“My husband Chukwutem Victor Inalu who is my husband has not directly picked his call but has used different means to end my life…

“Please if anything happens to me Inalu Victor Chuckwutem and Family are to be held responsible.”

In another post, she wrote:

I am at general hospital Ekpan and Mr inalu chukwutem Victor, Benedicta who is in charge of my case at Ekpan police station is trying to run me off my son’s medical report with the help of top politicians whose names I sent to video a video record to certain persons…

Please be aware of this and make it go viral…They are after my life and Mr inalu Victor chuckwutem should be held responsible if anything happens to me…This is his contact 07068690338
I left the result with Mr Okafor who conducted the examination on my son at general hospital Ekpan and if the result doesn’t match with his recorded voice note please take action on Mr Okafor


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