Nigerian musicians now given freelance opportunities on Gemtracks

Online freelancing is a popular choice of work in Nigeria these days. Most of the professions include copywriting, virtual assisting and sometimes computer programming. At least, these are what Nigerians are known to do when it comes to freelancing.

However Nigeria may soon become a new place to find freelance musicians, due to the release of Gemtracks Beats in the country.

According to a recent article posted in The Jerusalem Post, it was stated that Gemtracks could be the modern alternative to having a traditional record label. This means artists worldwide would be able have access and collaborate with professional songwriters, music producers and even entertainment lawyers right on the website.

The website was founded in early 2017 by DJ Jesse Neo, a music producer from Australia to sell his own hip hop beats and rap beats – which are still available today. But after realising the potential for it to connect musicians together, he turned into a public marketplace.

Today the platform has more than 10,000 registered members, the majority of them artists from North America seeking freelance musical talents to collaborate with.

Freelancers are able to list the service they want to provide, the price and contract of what happens when the song is finished and ready for release. This could be a life-changing experience for many Nigerians because all it takes is to have collaborated with a semi-popular artist overseas to become well-known.

“The main reason I decided to open Gemtracks in Nigeria and invite musicians to apply as freelancers is because I noticed there are many unknown musicians in this country that could possibly be superstars if their work was heard in America,” Jesse told us. “Now with the website being used as a tool for musicians anywhere in the world to connect and work with each other, I feel I have given Nigerian musicians a chance to make their dreams come true.”


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