Actor Femi Branch Reveals Kidnappers’ New Strategy

Veteran Nigerian actor, Femi Branch, exposes the new tactic used by kidnappers in his latest social media post. The thespian advises Nigerians, especially young ladies doing online business to desist from delivering goods or rendering services in clients’ private homes.

Branch noted that there had been many cases of abduction that occurred when sellers go to deliver goods to buyers in their homes or hotels. He also warned against delivery of goods to locations they are not familiar with.

He stressed kidnappers take advantage of hard-working Nigerian ladies, call them for orders, and ask them to deliver the goods in order to carry out their evil act.

Actor Femi Branch Reveals Kidnappers’ New Strategy
Femi Branch

The actor advised young Nigerians not to take the risk, but use delivery men or dispatch riders to avoid falling for kidnappers’ ploys because many people have been kidnapped and used for rituals.

He shared; “Please, I want to use this avenue to ask our people to be very cautious. I’m talking especially to my people online who are hustling to make an honest living, those selling jewelry, fashion accessories, food, even those who are rendering services like make-up, like hair that have to go people’s home to do home services or that have to deliver items to people’s homes or hotels rooms, please avoid it.”

“My young, hard-working ladies, I respect you so much. I respect your hustle. I respect you for deciding to make an honest living, but please avoid doing deliveries yourself. I beg you in the name of God. The kidnappers out there use this as their strategy. They didn’t just start today. They’ve been doing it. But we don’t get to hear some of it. It is only trickles that get to social media.

Actor Femi Branch Reveals Kidnappers’ New Strategy
Femi Branch

“A lot of people that have been kidnapped; their bodies are used for money rituals. These are desperate people out there who are just looking for ways to make money, and they think it’s just right to use people for money. All my ladies who are doing business online to survive, be very careful. Avoid doing delivery yourself, use delivery men, and use dispatch riders.

“Your clients are paying for the deliveries now? Why take the risk? Use delivery men, use dispatch riders. Please, avoid making deliveries to hotel rooms or to areas and locations you’re not familiar with. If you must go, go with someone like a guy you trust, but I advise don’t go yourself.

“Use delivery men, that’s their job. By God’s grace, none of us will be victims of kidnappers. But, you have to be very careful. The cases I’ve heard recently prompted me to do this video,” Branch said.

See the video below;


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