Marriage Is Not Child’s Play –Dancer Kaffy

Respected dancer Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau, profoundly called Kaffy, has taken to her social media platform to speak about marriage.

The energetic dance queen stipulated that marriage should be treated with the same effort and dedication put in to gaining an educational degree.

Kaffy opined that media, movies, culture and religion have misled the masses about how marriage should be.

She, however, noted that the only solution to having a good marriage is changing one’s mindset and unlearning the wrong concept of marriage.

She wrote on Instagram thus; “MARRIAGE IS NOT AN UPGRADE!”

“Having a PHD is an amazing honorable feat that is admirable by all but it requires WORK. How much more MARRIAGE, an institution created to atomically implement kingdom agenda. Do we really think it’s a child’s play?”

“We have been gravely conditioned wrong about what it is about. Media, movies, culture and religion etc played a major role in the damage we are experiencing.”

“It can be fixed if we fix our mindset towards it generally!”

“God help us all!”

In her happiness post, Kaffy stated that everyone handles his or her own happiness. She also noted that “we need to audit our relationships and not all chemistry is meant for the registry.”

Kaffy is a 41-year-old mother of two children. She is married to Joseph Ameh.


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