‘May All Your Days Be Dark And Short’, Comedian Okon Lagos Curses Corrupt Politicians, Fraudsters

Nigerian comic actor Ime Bishop Umoh, profoundly called Okon Lagos, has taken to his social media page to curse corrupt politicians and cyber-criminals in his new post.

The comedian stated that cyber criminals should unfollow him as he detests them. He pointed out that they are not heroic, neither are they Robin hood because they steal from the poor and middle class for their self-satisfaction.

Okon Lagos opined that cyber criminals force people to embrace suicide because they steal people’s hard-earned life savings of many years, just to buy exotic automobiles and live luxury lifestyles.

“I say it again. If you are a cyber-criminal, UNFOLLOW ME! It’s not even heroic. You are no ROBINHOOD as you don’t steal from the super-rich to give the poor (starting from you).”

“The super-rich are way beyond your reach. Sadly, you steal from the poor, lower middle class or at the very peak, if and only if you can, the upper middle class.”

“You sweep away live savings of many years of hard work and toil, drive them to suicide or the contemplation of it, just to buy a Benz in one day and do “DORIME”.”

Okon Lagos then placed a curse on corrupt politicians elected into different positions to take care of the masses but sit in power to steal the wealth that belongs to the people.

“ALL the corrupt politicians who STEAL the collective commonwealth of the poor people they were elected or appointed lead and provide for, may ALL your days be DARK and SHORT and your paths, SLIPPERY and THORNY! And may the congregation Answer Amen!” he wrote.


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