Legendary Music Producer, ID Cabasa, Advises Fans To Be ‘Omniscient’

ID Cabasa, a respected Nigerian music doctor, has urged his followers on social media to be sagacious in their characteristics.

The music producer, who also doubles as a singer, said being omniscient is a characteristic of God, and being the child of God, one possesses the knack of being all-knowing like Him.

ID Cabasa made his point in an Instagram Live session during the week while explaining why collaboration is vital to human existence. He noted that despite knowing a lot about music, he cannot manage an artiste.

In his words; “Is your circle a blessing to you or are they just devouring the small blessings you have? If you are the only one that is smart in your circle, it is either you leave that circle or encourage them to be smart.

“We need a lot of collaborations at this time. There are many things I cannot do as ID Cabasa. So, I make sure I keep collaborators— people that can do the magic I cannot do. As much as I know how to do some things in music, I don’t know how to manage an artiste. Even me, I need a manager. The fact that I know everything a manager does, does not mean I can do it.”

Urging his followers to be ‘omniscient,’ the beat maker said, “I have a doctor, pharmacist and other people I can always call on in my network. I also make sure I’m available whenever they need me. If there is anything you want to do, please be omniscient. Be everywhere at the same time. Being omniscient is a characteristic of God and you are a child of God. You also have the ability to be omniscient.”


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