Kate Henshaw tackles security agent for allegedly jumping queue at fuel station

Actress Kate Henshaw has tackled a security agent who she accused of jumping a queue to gain entrance into a fuel station.

A video shared on Twitter on Monday captured the actress berating the agent, insisting that he will not be attended to before her and those who were there before him.

She tweeted: “50mins still on the queue and this is what someone who is supposed to uphold the law does! Jumped the queue and he was allowed inside. A few sane people joined me to make him leave and go wait his turn. Enough already! This suffering is too much.”

The 50-year-old had earlier lamented the scarcity of fuel.

Kate Henshaw

“Chisos! The fuel queues in my area are bad!!! Oh, Nigeria ooooo. When will our suffering end? Not on a Monday…not any day,” she wrote on Twitter.

Fuel scarcity appears to have hit some parts of the state on Monday morning as commuters took to social media to report road gridlock caused by unusually long queues of vehicle at various filling stations in the state.


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