Why I’m banned from US – Comedian Bovi reveals; speaks on 7 year beef with AY Makun

Nigerian comedian Bovi Ugboma better known as Bovi has reignited his perceived beef with colleague, Ayo Makun. The comedian had a question and answer session with his fans where he took a swipe at Ayo Makun.

A fan had questioned why the comedian doesn’t perform on AY show and he replied, questioning if he has seen Chris Rock performing at a Kelvin Hart show.

Another fan noted how he doesn’t see him, Buchi and Basketmouth associate with Ayo. Replying, Bovi hilariously replied that Ayo Makun is too black and he refused to bleach.


Bovi Ugboma also disclosed that he has been banned from entering the United States. He revealed he was banned from the entering the U.S after a conflict he had with a visa-issuing officer.

The 42-year-old made the revelation when a fan asked him to come to Massachusetts to perform.

“I’m banned in the USA,” Bovi retorted, adding “I am a citizen of the world. Except for Yankee where I’m banned”

While explaining the reason for the ban, he said:

“ill luck. Met a charity-like visa-issuing officer. Egos clashed. I was labelled. I go dey carry shoulder.”

Bovi had in February 2022 revealed that he was almost accused of stealing at a London hotel until he told the hotel management to “google me”.

Recall the comedian had allegedly cut off ties with Ayo Makun in 2015 when he ripped off his jokes without acknowledging him.

AY while promoting his show in 2015 put up an hilarious skit. In the skit, he tells his security man to use his head in a bid to stop his girlfriend from visiting him during his date with another. When the security man asks how to prevent her from gaining entry, AY says “Use your head” When the girl comes, the security man headbutts her.

The act did not go down well with Bovi who felt cheated. In response to the skit, Bovi shared a video from 8 years ago where he cracked a joke at the ‘Night of a thousand laughs.’ In his joke, he said a security man had to headbutt his boss’s daughter because the boss had earlier told him to use his head to prevent the daughter from going out.

Bovi’s fans agreed the skit was a rip off of Bovi’s intellectual property and others argue that, though comedians borrow jokes, using it as a skit is another thing entirely.


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