Lota Chukwu calls out fellow actors who are compulsive latecomers

Lota Chukwu went on a little venting exercise on Twitter to speak about a terrible habit prevalent in Nollywood.

The actress shared her experience with colleagues on movie set especially regarding keeping to call time.

Lota Chukwu revealed that most times, she has to deprive herself of sleep in order to beat traffic to make a 7:30am call time but unfortunately, many thespians don’t share her ethics.

Lota Chukwu

Most times, production would have to be held up because some other colleagues decided that 10:00am is as good a time as any for them to arrive on set. She tweeted:

“Being punctual in my industry is basically depriving yourself of sleep as an actor to beat traffic to make a 7:30am call time, just to get on set and be delayed by a fellow actor who strolls in to set at about 10am… after waking up by 9am. And that 2hrs + delay is a good day.

“Why don’t you just stop being so punctual since it triggers you so much and you know they will come late?”
I can’t. Same way a lot of these people are compulsive latecomers, who can’t help themselves either.
It is what it is.”


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