No one is safe – Actress Kate Henshaw laments as her cleaner gets stabbed on the way to work

Actress Kate Henshaw on Wednesday, May 18 took to Twitter to announce that her cleaner was stabbed on her way to work on Idowu Martin by Mega Plaza in Lagos.

The 50-year-old said her cleaner managed to get to a nearby clinic but she was sent away by the staff because they do not treat knife wounds. She added that the woman is currently receiving treatment in another hospital.

Kate Henshaw also said she would like to know the name of the hospital that allegedly refused to treat her cleaner.

She tweeted:

“My cleaner was stabbed this morning at 6 am on her way to work on Idowu Martins next to Mega Plaza. She managed to get to a clinic nearby and was sent away that they do not treat knife wounds!! She is now receiving treatment at another hospital. No one is safe!! No one.

She is receiving treatment…I would like to know the hospital she went to that wouldn’t treat her…I will make sure to find out.”

In a follow-up tweet, the actress said she told her cleaner to take some days off until she gets better. She also insisted on finding out the name of the hospital that allegedly refused to treat the woman.

Responding to a tweep who asked if her cleaner was feeling better, Kate wrote:

“Yes she is sis… thank you…I have told her to take some days off…When she returns to work, I will find out where she went to that refused her treatment.”

Concerned fans also stormed Twitter to wish the cleaner a quick recovery while others lamented the hospital’s alleged refusal to treat her.

Chukz wrote: So sad to hear these things continue to happen. Speedy recovery to her. When can we start holding those health facilities accountable?

Niger Delta Militress wrote: Nothing we no go hear from nurses and doctors mouth o, before gunshots now knife wound. Maybe tomorrow we go hear accidental wounds. Nawaoh!! So what do they want to treat?? Sis help me tell your cleaner one of your fans is saying sorry. It is well!!


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