Seun Arowojolu positions ContentGram Studios for major productions in Africa

Nigerian filmmaker, Seun Arowojolu has revealed plans to position world-class production company, ContentGram Studios Africa, to rival any production studio around the world.

As revealed by Arowojolu who has worked on some of Nigeria’s top movies, the film studio was inspired by a desire to produce high-quality films.

The filmmaker in a statement released on the positioning of ContentGram Studios, Arowojolu said that there was no turning back and that it was either a proper studio or nothing else which was why he made sure of building the studio.

“The future they say belongs to those that believe in their dreams. For me, there is no turning back. It has to be a proper Studio or nothing else. In 2020 after completing the Production of ‘Birds of a Feather’, a family Series I created and Produced, I then embarked on constructing this Film Studio.”

ContentGram Studios
A picture of the setup of ContentGram Studios Africa.


Also, he explained that nothing good comes easy and that ContentGram Studios was completed in 2021 with the goal of improving the quality of work from this region.

“Once again the company name was changed to reflect the new direction of our business and the partnerships we have formed to bring this vision alive. To mark this achievement, ‘Squatterz’ a show that consistently fuelled this growth was shot, in October 2021 in the studio with a set built from the ground up. This was a rare feat in Nollywood.”

Arowojolu’s career in filmmaking began in 2003 when he starred in a Docudrama titled “Champions” directed by Tope Idowu.

Apart from the critically acclaimed ‘Squatterz,’ which has been running since 2012, Seun is also responsible for ‘The Heir,’ as well as a legal clinic series for Tajuddeen Adepetu’s ONTV brand.


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