Why YouTube Yanked Off Stefflon Don’s ‘First Of All’ Reply To Burna Boy

Many have been wondering why YouTube took down Stefflon Don’s latest single, ‘First Of All,’ a reply to Burna Boy’s ‘Last Last’ track. Well, after reading this story, you’ll understand.

‘Last Last’ by Burna Boy was released on Friday, May 13, 2022. The song gave some insight into how Stefflon Don broke his heart and served the African Giant breakfast.

Although Burna Boy admitted he made some mistakes while they dated. Upon listening to the song, Stefflon Don informed her fans she will drop a response to tell her side of the story.

The reply, ‘First Of All,’ was released as slated for Friday, May 27, 2022, but it was deleted off YouTube, a music and video streaming platform, shortly after the supposed tell-it-all track was published.

Listening to the song, ‘First Of All,’ Stefflon Don deceived her fans, especially Nigerians, awaiting to know what transpired between the British songstress and Burna Boy, a Nigerian superstar.

She caught them all unaware by asking them to go mind their businesses that put food on their table and stop meddling in other people’s private issues.

The few lucky ones who were quick to visit Stefflon Don’s YouTube listened to the track, and they got the direct heavy jab on their faces, while others got the hot slap through the unofficial channels that published the song.

Why did YouTube remove the ‘First Of All?’

The reason is not far-fetched, Stefflon Don use Burna Boy’s chorus for ‘Last Last’ as the intro of her assumed response, ‘First Of All.’ The song was reported to have breached Burna Boy’s intellectual property right, otherwise known as copyright.

Universal Music Group, Burna Boy’s record label, alerted YouTube, prompting the streaming platform into action. Hence Stefflon Don’s ‘First Of All’ was removed from YouTube due to copyright claims.

Listen to ‘Last Last’ here and listen to ‘First of All’ here.


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