I’m not against women but, do DNA for your kids to have peace of mind – Destiny Amaka tells men

Controversial Nollywood actress Destiny Amaka has called on men to be on their game in terms of knowing the status of their children.

According to her, men should not accept that their children resemble them or the child resemble a family member to ignore the fact that the child could be for another man.

To her, in order to prevent any heartbreak in future, just go for a DNA test to be sure that the child you love and is taking care of is your own child and not another man’s child.

The issue of paternity fraud is something that is going on so much in the world and Destiny Amaka is reminding men to be doing DNA tests to confirm their kids are theirs no matter the resemblance. She wrote:

“My brothers and uncles and cousins all know how l deal with this. Fuck emotions and sentiments oh MEN!I don’t care how long you’ve been married l know why I’m saying this oooo, unless you don’t care Nigga, go do dna test for all your children period.!
Even if you feel the child looks like you my friend will you go and do dna! Look kwa!! Hmmmm let me not talk too much but after a while they will start saying the child looks like a distant relative blah blah blah
Better to have peace of mind then to doubt and if the child ain’t yours if your heart can handle it Biko continue to be a god parent to that child.”

“Sometimes that side chick that born for you and you do dna test for but abandon the child because you don’t want to break your marriage. Biko that child is probably more related to you then the ones born in your house. Dear Men, go do DNA for ALL your children. E getwhy!Hmmm
And women I ain’t against you oh but honestly the truth sets you free. Holding lies this big can age you real fast. Dnt be deceived ooo not all men will send you packing, plenty of men are living knowing some of his children ain’t his. Not all men leave when you cheat Biko.

I know too many that have not left pls let the truth give y’all peace of mind.

Marriage ain’t nobody’s business but the two parties involved.”


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