VIDEO: Reactions as Laide Bakare happily permits kids to stroke her backside

Laide is once again trending for the wrong reasons and it has to do with little kids touching her bum.

Nollywood actress and producer, Laide Bakare, has come under intense fire on social media for letting kids touch her backside.

The controversial actress, who was recently criticized for playing in the rain in her underwear, with her kids appeared to be on a movie set. She was spotted wearing an inflated bum to make her rear appear larger and funnier.

While she is singing, other children are jokingly following her and stroking the plush bum.

Although the video is only supposed to be humorous, some netizens have argued that what she is doing is corrupting young sensitive children and they condemned it whilst others saw nothing wrong with it.

See video and some reactions below:

RotimiAduke wrote; ‘i think she is just playing,her intention is not to corrupt those kid’s but bcus if dis generation,pple always think bad

Olabim wrote; ‘What kind of I moral behavior is this madam… You must think everything is a joke until you see these innocent and naive Kids allegating that you motivate them in doing this…. Just like some claimed they got ritual motivation from nollywood movies…. Please know what, where and how to play with Kids of this ages

dupsieroyalevent wrote; ‘There’s nothing bad to this she has done …Those kids will feel great playing around with her .. I don’t see anything bad in this, what if they are her biological children, can’t she play with them like this? You people should just stop this hatred of a thing. I come in peace

Rhizcourt wrote; This shouldn’t be accepted in the society we live in… You re exposing the kids, don’t be suprise some off them might want to try it


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