Why victims of internet scam are as guilty as the imposters – Actor Frederick Leonard

It unfortunately seems to have become the order of the day, for some people to impersonate Nigerian entertainers, with the hope of scamming others.

Nollywood actor Frederick Leonard has revealed why he believes victims of internet scam are as guilty as the imposters themselves.

The actor who claimed to have been receiving messages from fraud victims about how imposters posing as him scam his fans of their hard-earned money has finally spoken up.

Fed up with the constant draggings and complaints, Freddie, who is currently on vacation, lashed out at the victims. He opined that a person that gets scammed by means of impersonation must have indulged the scammer in the first place.

Sharing screenshots of his chats with a female fan, he noted how the lady was almost smart until she chose to be evasive and wanted to play reverse psychology on him.

He warned his fans and followers to avoid coming to his dm and mail once they got scammed, and report to the necessary authorities instead. He captioned the DM:

“I’m on Holidays so I have the time to attend to some nonsense. I have always said that the victims of internet scam by means of impersonation are as guilty as the imposters.

She was almost smart, but then chose to be evasive and wanted to play reverse psychology, not knowing that I’m on my period today. Everyone that got scammed indulged the imposter! If you get scammed (Obviously because you indulged) Do nit come to my mail or dm. Report to the local police/authority in your country, not me. I am not the FBI. I’m a filmmaker”.

As mentioned earlier, Freddie Leonard isn’t the only one to have found himself in such a situation. Actor Bolanle Ninalowo, Singer Peter Okoye, known as Mr P of the popular duo, Psquare, actress Bimbo Ademoye, to mention a few have all recently cried out in the space of days, over identity theft and warned their fans to be very careful so as not to become victims.

Actor Bolanle Ninalowo had to issue a disclaimer over an alleged fraudster impersonating him and using his pictures to blackmail a lady with her naked pictures.

Singer Peter Okoye in his own post, lashed out angrily at a victim of a poser who called him out. Okoye questioned if fraudsters use charms while carrying out their activities as he can’t seem to understand how they can convince victims to pay for giveaways.

In actress Bimbo Ademoye’s case, she notified the public of the various acts of impersonation against her on Tik Tok and WhatsAppIn a statement she released, Bimbo who shared screenshots of the accounts and numbers, posing to be her denied being involved with the brand.


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