This Teen Attempted #100LayersOfClothing and Had a Panic Attack

1Lately the internet has been obsessed with finding new ways to take on the #100LayerChallenge: People have tried to layer 100 coats of foundation, liquid lipstick, hair extensions, and everything. But when one teen known as Andrea, or @_andreeaa3 on Twitter, challenged herself to put on 100 layers of clothing, she freaked out in the process, according to a video of the incident that she tweeted with a warning not to try it.

After putting on one too many layers of clothing, Andrea seemed to realize that her outfit restricted her arm mobility, making it impossible to move said layers. Understandably, this upset her — particularly since she was home alone.

“I can’t do this,” she says in the video. “I can’t take ‘em off. I can’t take ‘em off. Oh my god. Oh my god.” Crying, she starts to gasp.

Luckily, her friends Alyssa and Axel helped her removed the clothing, according to a tweet. Another tweet confirmed they were already on their way over, which is why Andrea doesn’t seem to be particularly scarred by the incident and is enjoying the publicity.

Here’s to hoping she’s not inspired to take a second go at #100LayerChallenge. Or if she does, that she tries one that’s less constricting.

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