This Woman Found Out Her Fiancé Is Her Half-Brother

In a post titled “I found out yesterday that my fiancé and I are related. He’s known for a year.” on Reddit’s /r/TwoXChromosomes thread, a woman under the username oopscest explains how she figured out she was in that exact situation. The responding commenters have been very sympathetic, suggesting she and her fiancé might have reason to work things out — assuming they don’t plan to have children one day.

After explaining she met her partner about two years ago at a tabletop role-play group where they hit it off immediately, she elaborated her father had always been absent and her partner’s family had always been perfectly nuclear and super close: “I always thought they were perfect, so it came as a shock to me that – while working on wedding invitations – my future MIL mentioned that my fiance’s dad is actually his stepdad. I asked to see a picture of his real dad and I nearly passed out when my MIL showed my a pic of my dad.”

After panicking (“I don’t know how I kept from screaming and stayed conscious. I excused myself from the room and promptly threw up. I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m pregnant now; which is just a whole other can of worms unleashed.”), she confronted her fiancé. She also explained he “admitted that he’s known for a year but didn’t want to lose me. Since we always planned to be childfree, he didn’t see the problem with just keeping it from me.” She is having a harder time coming to terms with her new reality.

As a side note — I gotta say. The majority of you seem to be totally cool with the idea of brother-sister incest. I know the internet is kind of a depraved place; but I wasn’t expecting that AT ALL. Unfortunately, I don’t think that same attitude would be mirrored in the offline world. And, even if it was, I’m not sure I can go through life as the girl who fucked and married her brother.

The confession racked up more than 3,400 comments in less than nine hours. Most Redditors have taken issue with the fact that oopscest’s partner hid this information from her, suggesting she has more of a trust issue in her relationship than an incestuous one.

In OP’s most recent update, she said she might delete the thread, though she appreciated everyone’s support. She also said she still had no idea what to do about her wedding (which is six weeks away) and that she might reach out to her biological father for the first time in 10 years. The entire story has not been externally verified.


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