I have 13 president’s phone numbers – Davido

As an artiste, you would know you have ‘arrived’ if you have good relationship with the President of your country, but when you know 13 presidents from around the world, then you know that you are on another level.

No doubt music star, Davido, is one of the most influential and sought-after artistes on the continent but things were not always rosy for him. During a chat with MTV Base, the leader of the 30billion gang said that his father was not happy with his career path till he had to prove his worth.

However, he claimed that now, he had reached a level where he could converse with at least 13 presidents.

“When I released the song ‘Back then’, I did not know that it was going to be that big. Then I went back to school and the love that I was shown was overwhelming, let alone the way girls began to treat me. That one song with the video made my father realise that I had the talent. And then, I did the song, ‘Dami Duro’.

Davido with Sierra Leone President, Ernest Bai Koroma

“The song became so big and I remember that the President at the time called my father to talk about me and the song. Even during my father’s business meetings with his friends, they would mention my name and the song.

Before long, I started travelling and doing shows around the world. Now I have the numbers of about 13 presidents on my phone and if I call them, they would answer the call. Then the award came and it set me on another level.”.

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  1. Abubakar Sulaiman says

    But you don’t have mine.

  2. Umar Yusuf says

    13 president number for ur account. hope they will honor ur invitation when u get any get together!

  3. Emmanuel Ozor says

    David not davido repent that is all I have for u if u like have 100 presidents phone numbers that can’t buy life for u or buy heaven or STP hell fire for u are wit a man who calls himself a past

    1. Tony Tenny says

      Who are u to judge?pls live him wit his God,who said u are righteous than him,Remember the Armed Robber that was crucified wit Jesus?Today,his wit Jesus in Heaven,After all he did,pls just mind ur own bizness,Only God has the right to judge.

    2. Emmanuel Ozor says u.are saying. like bcs u needs his money that is why u see my.word as a bad word see i dnt car who.are u to stp.the word of God u batter repnt if nt

    3. Tony Tenny says

      U are even ignorant of the word of God,u just talk witout reasoning,Money or no money,Am contented,bt the issue is’nt money,Ur advice is irrelevant,Sometyms,poverty makes human to think backwards,Pls grow up nd be civil wit ur comments.

  4. Young Obasi Joseph says

    They’ll soon die and you’ll delete the numbers one after the other.

  5. Samuel Sam says

    Obo is true

  6. Ayodele Oyetunji says

    and so what. did you have the contact of your Creator? vanity upon vanity all is vanity. U are not popular in the sight of God

    1. Don O Osaro Albaegbe says

      God bless you for this word. were you go after death is what matters.

  7. Abibo Pinho says

    Not the most important countrys, i Bet

  8. How that one take improve my well being? Shift make I see road

  9. Osinachi Maxwell Nkwocha says

    I have jesus phon number,,,, obo take time

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