Nigerian Man breakup with fiancée, sent her away after building house together

Inspiring story of woman who resolved to build her own house after herman, who she built with, left her for another soon after their house was completed.

A Nigerian woman resolved to become successful in her own right and build her house after she was abandoned by the man she built with.

Blogger Okoro Blessing Nkeiruka took to her Instagram page to share her story. She said she always prayed for her man’s success above hers and, as a result of her prayers and support, her man moved from living in his father’s house to building a 1-bedroom flat in his father’s compound, and from that to building a 3-bedroom apartment.

She said she couldn’t wait to live in the new house and dreamt of what life would be like in the house. But she never lived in it. As soon as it was completed, her boyfriend separated from her.

When begging didn’t change his mind, she vowed to succeed in her own right and build her house. Today, she has completed a 2-storey building consisting of 6 flats for rent.

Inspiring story of woman who resolved to?build her own house after herman, who she built with, left her for another soon after their house was completed

She went on to advise women to ensure they don’t forget to build themselves while building with a man.

Sharing a photo of her new building, she wrote:

Let me share this to inspire you …..
I was once like you, that little girl with no dreams.
But I grew up so fast because of my early experience in life .
Once upon a time when all I did was pray for a man to be successful but never prayed for my self, maybe because I believed that some things are meant just for the men .
I met my ex in his room right in his fathers house, I prayed for him and he built a 1 bed room flat in his family compound. The family compound got so hot for me and I prayed again and begged God to give us a bigger place so we can move and he started completing his 3 bed room apartment.
I had so much hope , so happy I will have a big kitchen and a compound to myself , could not wait to have my room, as we went to inspect the place during weekends .
But guess what ?, I never lived in that house, we separated before he finished .

I even went back to beg him because I felt cheated and felt another woman will come and enjoy my sweat but he did not want again.

People suggested juju for me , some suggested prophet, and some said they will take me to Ibadan were they will make him come back to me so I can go back and enjoy my sweat ? but I had a powerful mom , God bless her . She told me, NKIRUKA, listen to me, there is nothing your ex have that you can not have only if u work hard .
I took my mums advise and started my journey to succeed.
This is 6 Flat’s for rent .

Just wait until you see my personal residence ??.
Abi Bom therapy lounge ?
Hey you young lady .
As you build with a man don’t forget to build yourself .
You can do everything a man can do and even more
Build yourself is what we call plan B….
I am a product of grace .




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  1. Kingsley Nwankwo says

    Aaaahh is unfair

  2. Lydia Opeyemi says

    God will judge him

  3. John Black Gracie says

    Sell the house and share the money marriage is not a do or die thing

  4. Oriloye Blessing says


  5. Ehidiamen Osaze says


  6. Nicebaby Chike says

    Hmmmm I laugh dat man

  7. Natty Sammy'sparkle says

    Send thugs to deal with him

  8. Emmaunel Hellen says

    Man is very wicked

  9. Rose Mary says

    Babe sue him sell the house and share the money that’s all

  10. Stelly Bless says

    That is men for you

  11. Joan Ehiarinmwian says

    Sell d house and share d money
    Matter close

    1. Okungbowa N. Love Eseosa says

      D girl nor get sense she dey forbid to build her own, na good for her bear with me club of Nigeria

  12. Sarah James says

    My brother well done oh, at least ladies will lean from this investing with that you are not married to hmm, even the ones you are to you will have to use brain

  13. SirGodwin Ochipenyi says

    Let her com to me I will help her

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