Late legendary Musician, Fela, has a Great-grandchild!

Yeni Kuti Becomes A Grandmother. The first child of musician Fela Kuti has now added grandmother too her resume as her daughter Rolari welcomes a child.

Yeni Kuti gave away her daughter, Rolari Segun in marriage to an Australian named Benedict Jacka at African Shrine Ikeja in June 2015.

This was also a symbolic form of respect to Rolari’s grandfather as the shrine was for many years, Fela’s home and concert venue.

Yeni Kuti

Fela, Yeni Kuti

Oluwayeni Anikulapo-Kuti popularly known as Yeni Kuti was born May 22, 1961 in England, United Kingdom, she is a dancer, singer and descendant of the Ransome-Kuti family.

She pioneered the idea of Felabration, a music festival conceived to celebrate the life and contributions of her father Fela Kuti to the Nigerian society.

Born in England, Yeni was born as the first child to afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti and to a British mother. She completed her basic and secondary education in Nigeria after leaving the United Kingdom at the age of two.

She holds a diploma in journalism after she graduated from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism. In 1986, she joined Femi’s band as a singer and dancer after dropping her job as a fashion designer. She currently serves as a co-manager of the New Afrika Shrine alongside her brother Femi Kuti.




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  1. Stella Anazodo says

    Congratulations to you Yeni ur prayer of seeing ur children’s children has being answered praise God

  2. Ojo Kehinde Eunice says

    Congratulations Yeni

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