Ladies Don’t Be Deceived: 8 Obvious Signs A Man Is With You Just For S3x

In almost every relationship, a woman gets skeptical and begins to wonder if perhaps, that man is the right person for you and if you are not just wasting your time.

Some women also wonder if their partners are not just using them as s*x objects and if they truly love them. This is why we have brought to you some signs to know if he wants you just for s*x.

1. See if he only contacts you after dark

If your guy only calls you hours after the sun has set below the horizon and the stars come out, chances are, it’s not because he’s in the mood for stargazing but because he’s definitely in the mood for some s*x. If you never hear from him until evening hours, unless he is a doctor and has a very busy schedule, it’s likely that it means he only has s*x on his mind.

2. See if he doesn’t respond to you unless you want to hook up.

If you text him to say, “How’s your day going?” or “How was your big interview?” and you hear nothing all day, then he doesn’t want to make small talk. But if you text him a casual “I want to see you tonight,” one night, and he cancels other plans to see you, then there is a problem.

3. See if you never talk about your personal lives.

If all you do is talk about hooking up or how much you want each other, then your relationship is mostly about s*x. Sure, many relationships can start off like that; you’re obsessed with each other, you’re always having s*x, you’re missing invitations to have s*x, etc — but if it’s been a long time and you haven’t progressed past the s*x s*x s*x always phase, then your relationship may not be much deeper than that.

4. If He’s secretive about his past

If you are the only one disclosing all the details of your past history/ escapades, relationships, etc, and he never shares real details about his past, but always phrases questions to get more information about you, then be careful he is trying to manipulate you.
See how he reacts when you ask him what he’s thinking, feeling, wondering about. If he immediately backs off, then you have a problem.

5. If he’s quick to leave after a love making session.

Or if he doesn’t really contact you after a love making session. Does he rarely or never stay the night? If so, you’re one of his nightly activities, not the love of his life. If he gives you feathery kisses, and then start throwing on his clothes, then he doesn’t want to spend the night with you because it will feel too much like you have a real relationship. And if he always offers a convenient excuse for why he has to go, or why he doesn’t contact, or he is always so busy, then that’s even worse.

6.If you never kiss without it leading to s*x.

In most relationships, people kiss just to show affection, to feel a connection, and to be intimate in a quick and enjoyable fashion. You can just be kissing when you’re taking a walk, kissing in a dark bar, or just because you have the urge to cuddle but not to make love.

If every time you kiss your man, he starts reaching for your body parts, then he may think that he should only kiss you for some s*xy time.

7. If he never reveals personal information.

Guys who are using a woman for s*x often give few or no details about themselves. Have you gleaned what you know about him from friends, personal observation, general conversations, past interactions, or has he really volunteered personal and revealing information about himself to you? This is a very telling point, so it is worth considering carefully.

8. If he rarely seems to care how you’re feeling.

Have you never heard him randomly ask if you’re upset, ask how your day was, or just wonder why you have tears in your eyes? If he seems absolutely allergic to your emotions, then chances are it’s not because he’s too shy to ask or too awkward to help you deal with it, but it’s because, he just doesn’t really care that much. If he’s just into you for s*x, then any of your complicated, passionate feelings will be a trouble for him and nothing more.




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