Top Ten Personal Finance Mistakes

Top Ten Personal Finance Mistakes

There are lots of ways to make a great living. There are also lots of ways to not make great financial gains. Here are the top ten mistakes that people make related to their personal finances. If you are among those that find several of these to be behaviors you engage in and your financial situation needs improving, then consider starting to get better by picking just one and changing how you approach your money. After that first new and improved habit is firmly in place, then pick another. Before you know it, your financial situation could be vastly improved!

1. Not Budgeting

Creating a budget is not complicated. At the end of the month look online at your credit card purchases, checks written, and so on and make a chart of expenses. Also include in that chart all of your income for the month. Then analyze where you can save money and/or earn more. Set a goal to change a few expenditures in certain categories and/or making more money by doing something additional to what you already are. Then, stick to your plan!



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