9 Ways To Start A Conversation With A Lady

Starting a conversation with a lady is like walking through fire for most guys; in fact some guys can comfortably walk on hot coal than start a conversation with a lady.


I have some lovely tips that would help you start a conversation with a lady

1. Never underestimate the power of ‘Hi’. it’s a simple word but also powerful.

2. Find something around you that is worth taking about. This is a smooth way of starting a conversation.

3. Be well-informed with all the latest celebrity and entertainment news. This is one easy way to start a conversation with most ladies.

4. Act like you really need her opinion on a subject. This works best when you are with friends as you can act like you and your friends seem to disagree on that subject.

5. Always have unique and funny stories at your disposal.

6. Placing a bet with her would ensure your interaction with her continues. Bets like you guessing something right about her or you buy her a drink if you lose.

7. Starting a gender-based argument with your friends and ensuring she is really close to your friends. This trick works too as most people always want to protect their gender in arguments.

8. Complimenting something about her is another way to start a conversation.

9. Offer to get her a drink or offer to help her with something she needs at that moment.



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